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We will start in Ilhopa, a large coastal port city. You are in the county of Ilhopa, and the country of Ilhopa. Ages ago, the city was founded by seven mages, and a magical seal was placed upon the city. To the south lies the Bay of Ilhopa, and all the docks. To the north lies the village of Monhutch, three days away. To the west lies the unexplored jungle, and the realm of the druids (among other things). To the east lies the swamp, and beyond the swamp, the Dwarven mining town of Straten (at the base of the mountains)

There are three rivers that flow into the Ilhopa basin, all coming from the North. The western river is a saltwater river, the River of Hope. It runs to the west of the city, outside the city walls. The docks, the mill, and the fisherman’s guild operate in this area. The center river runs directly through the heart of the city. It is a freshwater river, The River of Life. The eastern river is a river of oil, The River of Light. It runs to the east of the city, outside the city walls. It runs directly into a forgery, and does not empty into the bay. The armory and the fighter’s guild function outside of this area.

The city itself is run by an elected mayor with a City Council. The council members are the head of the local guilds, of which there are six, plus the high court has a seat;
The Merchant’s Guild
The Noble’s Guild
The Fisherman’s Guild
The Farmer’s Guild
The Mage’s Guild
The Fighter’s Guild
The High Court (this is also the city guards / police)

How the guilds elect their heads is their own business.

Other factions are always lobbying for a seat on the council.

You will discover the many problems of Ilhopa as you begin to play, but that should be enough information to begin play.

Home Page

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