The Portal Dance

In which the party teleports a lot

Gameday November 6

The Group is in the basement after the conversation with Temnerel is overheard. Once the room above is clear, a light spell is cast and we see in the room with us a large wax mold, a wire dress-form, and a chest. Upon examination of the door out of the room, the group knocks over a bunch of armor and alerts some guards. The door is hastily resealed and the group goes back through the portal to Monhutch with the chest. Shortly thereafter two guards from Ilhopa follow us through and the group subdues them. The group decides to split up, with Grok, Roscoe and Tezz going back to Ilhopa to cover tracks while Fumbles, Gideon and Elena stay to take care of the guards. The plan is that the group returning to Ilhopa will briefly cover tracks, and then everyone will regroup in Monhutch.

The group going back through the portal are almost instantly detected and confronted by the guard and Temnerel himself. To escape they try to attack the guards and are teleported, as all who attack protected races in Ilhope are, to a strange starry plane surrounded by seven laughing faces. Roscoe identifies the faces as that of the seven sorcerers, and is able to identify six of the seven races.

Moving north, the Ilhopa group is deposited in a holding cell. Soon two nobles drop in with the group, and one stabs the other in the face. We discover that the survivor is Romirac Glitterbottom, the bank president. He is dead drunk, claiming that his wife has recently had an affair. They convince him to pay our bail and come with them. All are dropped on the north side of Ilhopa upon leaving the cell.

Back in Monhutch the group there finds that Logi has left the bookstore, and decide to wait for him, leaving the Ilhopa guards bound. The group try to stupify them, convincing the guards they are in some nether realm at the mercy of some magic gods. This lasts for a while, but eventually the guards get wise and Elena snaps, both in her head and on the guards neck. Yertle chews thru the throat of the other. To dispose of the bodies the heroes set the guards in a boat and put them downstream on fire. However, the boat goes over a waterfall shortly after, dousing the flames and shattering the boat. So much for an honorable funeral.

They then decide to follow the tracking group through the portal, since they have yet to return. This group also draws the guards, but manage to bluff their way out and make their way to the tavern.

The group with Romirac, looking for a way to conceal Grok back into the city, bury him in a mango cart and push it into town, with Romirac riding on top as king of the mangoes. This turns out to be too much of a sight to not draw attention, and the way to the tavern is slow. finally they arrive, and the groups are reunited.

Unfortunately, Grok is instantly recognized (he is wanted for the murder of Cotton Goodbody) and hullabaloo ensues!



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