The Hedges Trim Us

In which the heroes meet Charmaine, learn of some ancient magic artifacts, visit the bank, return to Monhutch, beat some Drow at their own game, and (finally) enter the Temple of the Seven Sorcerers (almost)

Game Dates: Nov 13, Nov 20
The bartender of the North Star Pub comes to the aid of the party, telling the group to get behind the bar and telling everyone else that we left. Alone in the bar now, the bartender proceeds to expose some backstory. He says he knows Grok is innocent because he saw Matthew kill the halfling hooker after taking the strange amulet from her. The group postulates that the amulet might break the power of the city and allow one to attack protected races. The bartender says the group must go through the catacombs of the city to get out and back to the temple.
He arranges for a new halfling hooker to excort the party, but it turns out she was given orders to strand the group down in the catacombs and leave them for dead. But she is caught and brought along as the group tries to make their way through the sewer, following the trail of their retreating assailants. After surviving several traps, well mostly, except for the hooker, the group comes to a large chamber with arrow traps rigged to the floor. It seems that traps do not set off the city’s magic.
Fumbles finds that when he is stark naked he is light enough to bolt across the floor, but unfortunately he cant see and he falls down a hill into a burial chamber. Everyone else edges around the room to find torch sconces. When they light the sconces as they see them in a dwarven mural on the wall a stairwell opens down to the chamber Fumbles is in.

A now clothed Fumbles and the rest of the group open one of the sarcophagi that is glowing and all of a sudden a lich, some skeletons, and a zombie bust in onto the set. The skeletons fall like leaves, but the lich wont die. Finally the group finds a scepter in the lich’s sarcophagus and eventually takes it to the throne in the room above. When the scepter is set into a notch in the throne, the lich falls. Gears in the room below lower a drawbridge on the other side of the room, and some hoes-on-parade come out to greet the adventurers.

The leader of the hoes, Charmaine, super-wants to find Matthew and agrees to help the group make it back to Monhutch to get him. In exchange for Matthew, she agrees to give the heroes the scepter that they just found. She claims it has magic powers, and is part of a set of three magical items.

Charmaine gives everyone bank disguises and takes us thru the tunnels to the bank. The group is able to track well enough so that if they were to come back through the bank, they could find Charmaine’s lair again.
Once in the bank, the party notices the bank uses charged magical sapphires to control account transactions, which function much like hotel key cards. The main hall of the bank has crown molding full of these sapphires and other gems, with one particularly ornate sapphire over the head of the main counter. Additionally, the party discovers that Matthew Sands has not yet cashed all of the donations made to him. Something must have happened to him before he got to the bank…. still, there is a lot of gold waiting to be transferred, if someone were to find the transaction gems.
Everyone almost gets caught leaving the bank, but eventually the party makes their way out and back to City Hall. The plan being to take the portal back to Monhutch, the group tries to bluff the guards. The party tells the guard that they are a janitorial crew sent to clean up City Hall, so the guard promptly leads the group to a records room and says to begin cleaning. He also locks the heroes in. In an effort to try and get back to the plan the group picks the lock while riffling thru some papers taking info on Bartholomew and Temnerel with. Unfortunately Fumbles is caught, and after a brief chase from the guards rejoins the group. All go thru the portal to Monhutch.
Briefly consulting the stolen papers, the group discovers that Bartholomew paid his way into the Mages guild, despite having little actual magical aptitude. Additionally, Temnerel has been attempting to expand the jurisdiction of the Ilhopa court outside the walls of the city, and has made specific attempts in Monhutch.

Approaching the temple, the group notices Drow tracks leading to and from the temple. Wanting to consult anyone who knew the way in, it is agreed to follow the Drow tracks. The dark elves try and ambush the party, but are heard and challenge all to a trial to prove our worth, before they will consider lending their aid. Roscoe gets shot, Fumbles gets drunk, and Elena jumps into a river covered in rocks, but the trials are bested and the dark elves agree to help. They hate Zoraida as much as Logi does, since she lived with them for a time and took a baby. They say the ants are the way in and out of the temple, and furnish a map thru their tunnels.

Venturing into the ant tunnels, the group soon sees a trail of rubies on the ground. Tezz immediately begins scooping them up, and the party follows suit. The trail leads them to a lake of oil, but this deters the group. Everyone doubles back and follows the map. They eventually come to a large room with some vegetation and some ants. While trying to sneak around the edges of the room, what turns out to be assassin vines ensnare everyone but Fumbles…



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