swamp ants

The party gets away from the vines (for the most part) and scatters the ants in the center of the room. Rather than clearing the entirety of the plants, they continue through the center hallway, escaping.

Following the map, they come to a clearing with a swamp in the middle, and some recently abandoned buildings on the other side. Gideon levitates fumbles across the swamp to see what is over there, but fumbles critically fails his perception check, and reports that there is nothing over there.

Just as the party is about to move on, Roscoe notices a hand emerging from the swamp. Closer inspection reveals that the hand is that of Matthew Sands, and that a magic ring sits on his finger. With the help of a fishing line and a magic spell, they get the ring off of the finger. After some squabbling over possession, the party agrees to let Elena hold it for the time being. The ring seems to have some sort of charisma enhancing abilities.

the characters find two locked doors on the left side of the chamber and find a way to get through the southern door, where they see an Azata – a snake looking lady. While the party is trying to decide what to do, Tezz yells out a cheerful greeting to the beast, who analyzes us all to find out why we are there.

Gideon and Tezz are interested in the tainted river, so the Azata agrees to talk to them, while Fumbles intentions are less honorable, and Roscoe and Elena are interested in the mystery of the disappearing girl.

The Azata reveals that her temple has recently been raided, and her eggs stolen. In addition, there seems to be some sort of problem in the other towers, lorded over by a draconic beast and a manticore. The draconic creature at least seems to be tainted in some way.

The Azata agrees to help the party in exchange for their aid in retrieving the egg. She also reveals that she does not trust Roscoe due to his “tainted blood.” She knows nothing about the sorcerers or the disappearance of the girl.



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