Setting off for Monhutch

In Which our Heroes form a Party

The heroes all meet at the South adventurer’s pole, and discover they all have to travel to Monhutch. They set off together, but as they are leaving they are approached by Justin Beiber, a gnomish alchemist. He is desperately looking for a chance to prove himself, and so the party agrees to take him along. The party members eat some of the mangoes from the cart, and feel immediately refreshed afterward. On their way out, the party is approached by some men from the Mango Grove, claiming that Tezz needs to return the stolen Mango cart, and pay a 75 gp fine. They present Tezz with a bill. The party ignores this bill and leaves. The mango men do not give chase. The party notices that the bags of mangoes seem to hold a limitless amount of mangoes. Whilst venturing north, the heroes encounter Bartholomew, Tezz’s old roommate, and Mage West, the head of the Mage guild. They chide Tezz for leaving the guild, and report they are coming from a banquet held by Matthew Sands. As night begins to fall, the party happens upon a rather dry pumpkin farm. They meet an old man and young woman who offer them a place to stay for the night. They report that all the crops in Ilhopa are failing and no one is sure why. Gideon is quite taken with the young woman. While sleeping in the night, the two scarecrows become animated and attack the party. The heroes defeat the scarecrows, but much of Grok’s equipment is burned in the process. Additionally, when the heroes return inside, they find the farmer and young woman eviscerated on the table, and a strange altar with a symbol on it that Tezz recognizes from Bartholomew’s chest in his room. The heroes journey north the next day, and encounter Gilgamesh’s Players, a rival bardic group from Ilhopa (the ones who originally scored the contract to O’Donnell’s inauguration). They challenge Fumbles to a bardic duel, and they lose miserably. Fumbles acquires a masterwork fiddle, but gives key components to Tezz. Continuing the journey north, the heroes encounter a pair of swamp people, who chide Gideon for abandoning the swamp. But when Gideon drops the name of Matthew Sands, the swamp people change their attitude, provide some much needed healing to the party, and provide Gideon with a scroll of Geyser, telling him to “use it when the time is right.” The heroes set up camp for the night, and sleep mostly unperturbed, though some stray badgers do manage to steal a bag of mangoes. Some horses gallop by, but no one really notices.



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