Reaching Monhutch

what tangled webs we weave

The party wakes up after a calm night and heads up river towards Monhutch. After only a short distance, they reach an inn. They hear a few vague rumors about Matthew Sands, and, after quite a lot of trickery, manage to snag a horse and two mules from the stable master.

Further up the road, the party runs into a noble’s caravan heading towards the party. Tezz identifies the man, Polo Osborn, as the head of the Noble’s Guild, and the man expresses his desire to rid Ilhopa of all farmers. Tezz also pretends to be the son of Romirac Glitterbottom, the head of the merchant’s guild, and in doing so the party learns that Romirac has a son who he keeps locked in a tower for mysterious reasons.

Entering town, the party checks in and inquires about the whereabouts of Matthew Sands. Following the advice they get, the party arrives at an abandoned house, and invites themselves in through the back door. Rummaging through Matthew’s stuff, the party finds a set of vague looking instructions for a mechanical system, and Fumbles cleverly finds a secret passage in the laundry room. After rigging an alarm, the party heads down into the passage.

The party reaches a split in the passage, and heads right. At the end of the hall, the party finds a strange mechanical contraption Fumbles recognizes as that from the instructions. They also find a set of steps, which they decide is lacking in acid traps. They set a trap, then head down the passage the other way, not exploring up the steps.

The other end of the hallway is identical, with a matching contraption and set of stairs. Heading up the stairs this time, the party discovers an enclosed room with a river flowing through it. In the room is a statue of an Azata, who is spitting into the river. Gideon recognizes the monster as a good creature, and Tezz determines that it once was adding something magic to the river, but it isn’t anymore. Just then, the alarm goes off.

The party, unable or unwilling to swim, heads back down the hallway towards the source of the alarm. Through Yurtle, Gideon sees Matthew running around looking for a ring and his plans. The party heads to greet him, or to bypass him, but before they reach him he sets off the acid trap. Grok rushes to the rescue, and up the set of stairs just in time to see Matthew jump into a lake. He saves him from drowning, but the halfling is seriously injured.

Grok rushes him back to town asking for a healer, and thanks to his stupidity, does not betray that the party set the acid trap that injured him. The healers take Matthew into a closed tent, and send the heroes back to the lake to guard it.

The party sets up camp, but in the middle of the night, most are awakened by screams from the village. Everyone but fumbles rushes back to the town, just in time to see an army of ants marching away with all of the nobles. They engage the ants, but lose Beiber in the process, and aren’t able to stop the ants from stealing all the nobles and Matthew. Meanwhile, Fumbles putzed around with some levers back at the lake, and pulled one, releasing some sort of a damn that flooded the river, washing Gideon and an unconscious/dead Yurtle downstream.



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