Temple of the Seven Sorcerers


This temple is just north of the village of Monhutch. It covers the springs of the three Rivers, the River of Life in the center, the River of Hope to the West, and the River of Light to the East.


The temple is divided into three major sections, one over each river. There is an Observatory over the River of Light, an Aquarium over the River of Life, and an Aviary over the River of Hope. Additionally, there is a gigantic hedge maze leading from the village of Monhutch to the Entrance to the Temple. Hedge Maze The players know little of the maze other than there are five strong magical points within the maze. The players have investigated one of them, and have found a tree that seems to resemble the

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil .

The heroes have not explored the other four magical points. Aquarium Sitting atop the Aquarium is a Lillend Azata, who seems to be helpful to the heroes, or at least benign. Her singing is what keeps the water of the River of Life pure, though she complains that her egg has been stolen, which has made her too sad to sing. Bartholomew has been strongly indicated in the theft of the egg, but this has yet to be proven, or a motive be established. The heroes have yet to explore the Aviary or the Observatory.


The site for the temple was sought out by the seven sorcerers long ago. They recognized the area as very potent in magical ability, and wished to harness the magic energy. It is rumored that the temple was built by gnomish slaves, with gnomish slave labor.

Temple of the Seven Sorcerers

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