City Council

All laws in the City of Ilhopa are passed with the vote of the City Council, with the mayor having veto power.

There are seven seats on the City Council, representatives from each of the guilds within the city;
The Fighter’s Guild
The Noble’s Guild
The Merchant’s Guild
The Farmer’s Guild
The Fisherman’s Guild
The Mage’s Guild
The High Court

The mayor may not write laws, but may propose them, and must sign all legislation into law. Under cases of emergency, the mayor may assume absolute control. If any guild acts deliberately against the interest of the city, they can lose their seat on the council. They will then be replaced by some other guild waiting for a seat.

No lawmaker can control the Magic of the City as set up by the the Seven Sorcerers.

Ilhopa for many years was a monarchy, until about thirty years ago, when King Richard, Queen Camellia and Prince Phillip all died in a boating accident. At that time, political influences at the time led to an abandoning of the monarchy and establishing a city council. The Palace of the King and Queen was turned into the mayor’s palace, and old slums were cleared to build a city hall, high court, and jail.

City Council

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