Basic Background

Tezz grew up in the city of Ilhara among the local tengu conspiracy. He was always friendly, if a bit vain, and enjoyed a life of relative comfort. When he started to display talent in magic, he found himself estranged from his peers. Embracing that he would always be a bit different, he colored his feathers and set out to join the mages guild of Ilhara to better learn the ways of magic.

Acquiring the Ring

As Tezz was on his way to the guild, a wealthy looking young man introduced himself as Matthew Sands, and invited Tezz for a drink at the North Star. Tezz accepted, for he had heard the Sand’s name (their family was quite wealthy, and Matthew was wearing many shiny things). While drinking at the Pub, Tezz revealed he was seeking entrance to the Mages’ guild, which sparked Matthew’s interest.
Matthew took Tezz into the back room of the pub, where gambling, prostitution, and other nefarious activities take place. Matthew claimed he knew of a secret method to ensure entrance to the guild, a certain ring that the mages would undoubtedly be impressed by, long lost and sought after by many. All it would cost was Tezz’s life savings. Matthew certainly seemed to know a lot about rings, for he wore many on his fingers. And they were so “lovely,” as Matthew put it.
Tezz reluctantly agreed, and returned a day later with his life savings. In the back room once again, Matthew signaled to one of the prostitutes, Cotton Goodbody. She led Tezz down a dark tunnel. Tezz became very lost, but eventually found himself in a beautiful chamber. Cotton explained that inside this antechamber there would be hundreds of items of all shapes sizes and colors, exotic and strange all of them. Of these items, 8 were safe to touch, one for each school of magic. The others were dangerous traps that would transform any who touched them, siphoning their magic powers away. Only by choosing one of the 8 safe objects would Tezz be allowed entrance into the guild. Matthew had warned Tezz to avoid any object that seemed too obvious, or too good to be true.
Inside the strange chamber, he was instantly entranced by all of the magic around him. Remembering Matthew’s warning, Tezz walked carefully through the antechamber, looking through various and sundry items. Cotton entered the chamber with him, likewise in awe of all around her. It was clear she, too, had never been in this chamber. How Matthew heard about it neither of them knew. Cotton, after looking at several items, selected a small blue amulet, held it apprehensively, and when nothing bad happened to her, she laughed in Tezz’s face. “Haha! I have it!” She ran from the room, cutting the rope to the portcullis as she left, trapping Tezz inside!
Frustrated, Tezz muttered to himself, but continued to look for an item. If Cotton had found one, there must only be seven left! What could he choose? Despite knowing better, he found himself drawn towards a ruby red feather in the center of the room and moved towards it. He started to reach for it, but just in time a small glint from the corner of his eye brought him to his senses. In the corner of the room, laying on the floor, mostly covered in dust, was a small, silver ring. The moment Tezz picked up the ring, he felt he had new abilities! In his confusion, he somehow managed to cast enlarge person on himself, which conveniently allowed him to lift the portcullis and escape. Tezz had selected the ring of the transmutation school, and the ring became his as a symbol of and conduit for his magical powers.

Despite wanting to thank Matthew Sands, he never saw him again. Or Cotton Goodbody, for that matter.

Brief Stint in the Guild

In the mages guild, Tezz was a bright student, but prone to mischief and easily distracted. His natural talent was undeniable, and he had no trouble getting along with most of the other pupils. The lone exception was his roommate Bartholomew, a raging prat. Bartholomew was a raging brown-noser, and a manipulative scoundrel, but Tezz always felt something darker at work – some hidden secret. This only made Bartholomew’s locked trunk, the one with the magical symbol :( more frustrating.

Tezz was in the guild for three full days before he was expelled.

Unfortunately, he never found out what was in the trunk – Tezz’s expulsion from the university came too soon to solve the mystery.


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