Chief Justice of Ilhopa


If you need to read up on what the Chief Justice is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chief_Justice_of_the_United_States

That will do just fine for our purposes, and it functions the same in Ilhopa as it does in the United States.

Reach of the Court
While the authority of any office in Ilhopa does not technically extend beyond the city walls, many things directly outside of the city walls operate under the laws and jurisdiction of the city, including:
The Fighter’s Guild (and the offshore Arena)
The Docks
The Fisherman’s Guild
The Dwarven Graveyard

It is generally accepted that the court has jurisdiction over these areas, and it has never been challenged. Additionally, since Ilhopa is the largest city in the region, many accept Ilhopa to be the capitol of the region, some going so far as to call the surrounding lands “Ilhopa territory.” Many smaller disputes among the farmers to the north have been brought before the Ilhopa Supreme Court to be tried, implying accepted jurisdiction. While no case from a “lower” court has ever been brought before the Ilhopa Supreme Court, anyone who follows local politics knows that Temnerel is just waiting for the opportunity. He follows court cases in Monhutch and Straten regularly, looking for an opportunity to bring a case to Ilhopa and establish his authority.

Exception to the Reach
The Gnomish Mango Groves notoriously have their own laws and rules, and the Ilhopa authorities have no power there. A very tense peace exists between Ilhopa and the mango groves, but there is no popular support for an invasion or takeover of the Gnomish territory. In fact, much of the local population sympathizes with them.


Temnerel is the Chief Justice of the Ilhopa Supreme Court, and the father of Elena. While Elena certainly finds him to be corrupt, she hasn’t yet really provided any evidence to prove it.

Grok’s False Conviction
Temnerel had Grok arrested and thrown in jail for the murder of Cotton Goodbody, even though he knew that Grok did not commit this murder. This may have been more of a cover up than outright corruption, since it is well known that harming any of the protected races within the city walls is impossible, and if this HAS happened, then it would cause a massive city panic. Why Grok was chosen might simply be that he was an outsider and it would be easy to pin the murder on someone new to the city.
It is unknown whether or not Temnerel himself believes a murder happened within the city walls. He is certainly investigating the matter.

Rebellious Daughter
His daughter Elena does not see eye to eye with him. He is, admittedly, a rather lousy father, agreeing to betrothe her to Matthew Sands apparently without asking her how she felt about it. She has since run away from home and joined up with the heroes for her own purposes.

Relation to the Heroes
Currently, Temnerel has charged all of heroes with the murder of all citizens of Monhutch, and of two Ilhopa City Guards. While Temnerel does have good cause to believe this to be true, it is suspected that Bartholomew might be feeding him false information. Still, the fact that many members of the party attempted to punch him in the face didn’t help. Also, he has conveniently expanded his jurisdiction to Monhutch with this move.


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