Romirac Glitterbottom

President of Ilhopa City Bank

Perhaps the wealthiest citizen in Ilhopa, Romirac holds a seat on the City Council, as chair of the Merchant’s Guild. In addition, this Tengu runs the Ilhopa City Bank. Romirac is married and has several children, one of which is rumored to be held captive in the bank tower, because he is so crazy. To ask Romirac about this is to raise your rent.

Drinking Problem, Wife Issues
Apparently, Romirac’s wife has had an affair with another noble. Romirac got very drunk and picked a fight with this man, killing him in a pen outside of Ilhopa. The repercussions of this are as of yet unknown.

Dislike of Tezz
Romirac dislikes Tezz very much.

Romirac Glitterbottom

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