Matthew Sands

Mysterious Rich Guy


Matthew’s Reputation

Matthew Sands is a big name in Ilhopa, inspiring strong feelings wherever he is mentioned.

The Mango Farmers
The mango farmers do not like Matthew, as evidenced by two angry gnomish farmers who said they do not do business with Matthew Sands, and by Marvin the Mango Man who actively attacked a character who mentioned Matthew’s name.

Matthew’s Fiance
Elena, a monk in training and Matthew’s fiance, and that Matthew stole her family ring and left her in the lurch. She trained at the Monastery in town before setting out for revenge.

According to the bartender at the North Star Pub, Matthew murdered Cotton Goodbody over a dispute about an amulet. This is significant, because apparently Matthew his figured out a way to kill within the walls of Ilhopa.

Displays of Wealth

Matthew was apparently throwing multiple lavish parties with only the finest guests in a town north of Ilhopa.

The Parties
The “Nobles’ Festival” as Matthew has been calling it, ran for several days in Monhutch. Matthew has been accepting large donations from various nobles, though it is unclear exactly why.

Matthew Sands

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