Father of Fumbles, a once illustrious halfling bard who served to the King of Ilhopa. But when the monarchy fell and a Democratic Electorate was formed, there was much animosity toward the old regime and all who served under the King.

Dribbles was not exempt from the animosity. Charges were brought against him for robbing from the city (while he was in reality just accepting salary) and he was thrown in prison. As part of his punishment, three of his fingers were cut off of his hand, preventing him from ever fiddling again. It took the family fortune to bail Dribbles out of jail, but when his bail was finally posted, his reputation was ruined and his spirit crushed. He couldn’t find work, and the family name was destroyed.

He took up residence in the monastery with the monks, packing mill flour or harvesting honey. He has not played the fiddle since his release from prison, though his son, Fumbles, uses the very same fiddle and wishes to restore the family name.

If anyone could get him to talk, no one knows more history of Ilhopa than Dribbles himself. But he doesn’t talk too much anymore. He just sort of … Dribbles.


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