total dickwad


The mages guild
Bartholomew was Tezz’s roomate in the mages guild, where he was an obsequious and manipulative brat, and frequent subject of Tezz’s practical jokes. Tezz was expelled after a prank leading to Bartholomew having over 500 hats was linked to the Tengu.

Of special note was a specific rune Bartholomew carved onto the locked trunk he kept in his room. The party saw the same rune carved above an apparent human sacrifice at a pumpkin farm they were camping at. The party had passed Bartholomew and Mage West (Head of the Mages’ guild) on the road the previous day, and were attacked by scarecrows that night.

Court Case in Monhutch
Bartholomew was recently a defendant in a small claims court case in Monhutch. Cazna Vrinn was the prosecution. Apparently the dispute was over some rather large eggs, which Bartholomew purchased from Cazna Vrinn. She brought the claim to court after he refused to pay a previously agreed upon price. In the end, the court confiscated the eggs, due to some suspicion that they were dragon eggs, and therefore illegal.



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