Out of the frying pan, into the full-scale extra-planar invasion!

The party follows the smell of perfume towards Charmaine’s hideout. The follow it right into a net trap. Charmaine and her guard come out and trade quips with the group and cuts them down. They venture into the honeycomb hideout. The group tries to trade Tezz disguised as Mathew Sands for the scepter. Charmaine gives up the scepter and goes to hang Tezz over a pit on chains. The rest of the group goes to help him, but is distracted by all Charmaine’s things and begin stealing them. Gideon, who now knows himself to be the dwarven king, claims his throne while Elena loots jewelry boxes. Tezz slips his chains and turns invisible, easily escaping his captors. Gideon levitates the throne and flys it into the room. The guards try to pull it to the ground, and Gideon stops levitating it to help them…to help them DIE!!! The guards are crushed, and Charmaine leaps into the seat. Gideon, who was invisible, slipped out of the throne to avoid being sat upon, and the guards bristled as the rest of the group burst into the room. Tezz notices the commotion and stays to see what happens.

The guards briefly engage the group before jumping onto the chain rigging attached to the ceiling and spanning a chasm, in one of the worst tactical decisions ever made. Roscoe starts shooting them in the feet, and Tezz turns on the mechanism controlling the chains, throwing many of them to their deaths in the pit below. Charmaine swings to safety on a catwalk and is quickly subdued by Elena in hot monk-on-hooker action. They put a belt on her that makes her took sluttier, and then take it off. She takes them into another room after agreeing not to struggle, and offers them mangos. Everyone but Roscoe, who is suspicions of them, eats and is restored. They leave Charmaine in the lurch, trusting she has learned not to cross them, and load the throne onto the chains and board it to ride it down to the throne room they found near the energy pulse. They cling to the throne and make it safely to the platform. When they move the throne into place 2 portals open up. Gideon, the king, knows one goes to the star map room, but not where the other one goes. They all plow thru it and find themselves in the bank tower in front of a demon bird.

They figure that the bird is the half-son of Glitterbottom, and is totes insane. He was driven mad by the energy of the city, which was pulsing up from below. Roscoe tried to calm him down and find information about what went on here, but it was animalistic and couldnt tell much. Elena called their attention to the window and they saw a large mob gathering below around criers and mango carts. Gideon notices slots on the wall and knows them to correspond to the items of the seven sorcerers. He inserts his scepter into its slot and is activated as the dwarven sorcerer and king. The bird goes berzerk. Roscoe hears Bartholomew coming up the stairs and informs the group he’s coming. he tries to free the bird, but the shackles are magic and shock him. Not feeling up to strength to fight Bart, the group jumps back thru the portal and closes it by moving the throne. Roscoe remembers Logi telling them that the socerers moved here originally by using the stars to find a fount of extra-dimensional power and built the temple and town on it. They suspected that the portal was connected to the realm of fire. This turned out to be true. They realize the Glitterbottom’s son was Zoraida’s gateway into the world.

After a power-nap the group reopens the portals and is ready to go back to the tower when Mathew Sands steps out of the star room portal. Elena pounces on him and they tumble back thru the portal. the group follows and find Mathew has subdued Elena and is trying to explain that he stole her ring and left her at the altar because he really, really loved her. Really. Roscoe and Mathew argue about who’s the bigger douchebag between them. Mathew says that Elena and Tezz are also members of the seven sorcerers, and that they only need to reawaken their power. Eventually they all agree to go back to the tower.

When they step back thru the portal, they find the tower in shambles. The Magic of the realm of fire is pouring out from the blasted tower, which is breaking apart. Everyone dashes downstairs to try and get the bank cube to awaken Tezz. Unfortunately they are caught in the crumbling building. While trying to climb down the side, Gideon, Elena, Yertle and Mathew fall. Some catching tries to happen but fails. Gideon and Roscoe fall into the magic overflow and find themselves on an alter in the realm of fire, which is having its life-force drained from it, surrounded by a demon army. When they see Roscoe they cry out and charge the portal. Gideon and Roscoe, rightly startled, stumble back thru the portal into the star room followed by the fire guys. Gideon realizes he can control the magic of the city and create and control portals at Will. He opens a portal under Mathew and Elena, saving them, and also Tezz, who nearly got caught by the mob control spell cast by the gnome workers revolt instigated by Bart. Now everyone was in the star room with all those confused demons, who were looking to Roscoe for commands, thinking him to be a general or something. He convinces them that they are to attack the arena and city hall while the party goes in to kidnap the mayor for ransom. The demons seem pumped about this, just ready in general to kick anyones ass. King Gideon II opens a portal to city hall and the troop moves thru. They are confronted by Temnerel in full battle regalia and guard in tow. Both sides square off for an epic confrontation…sunday, SUNdaym SUNDAY AT THE MOTODROME!!!



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