Escape via Rhino

In which the heroes learn of secret groves and return to Ilhopa

Rescued by Logi Gicalsci, the heroes are taken to Logi’s secret grove, unfindable by any he does not wish to grant access to. The heroes are allowed to sleep and rest up, and then Logi informs the heroes that he feels his daughter is actually within Ilhopa. Roscoe, of course, is drawn to go to Ilhopa and discover her whereabouts. Tezz dreams of revenge against Bartholomew. Gideon is visited by his Eidelon and is told to visit the bank tower. Elena, well, she doesn’t comment much. But for dinner, everyone eats an apple from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and everyone gains a knowledge skill check.

The rest of the party reasons that returning to Ilhopa might help them recover the egg of the Azata, thus securing her aid in the temple of the Seven Sorcerers, (and also restoring the purity of the water in the River of Life, which is currently still badly tainted).
Logi gives the party members each a potion of Disguise Self, and rides with them via Rhino back to Ilhopa. On the way, Gideon passes his parents and dutifully waves. Logi drops the heroes off near the south gate to the city, and disappears with his giant rhino.
The party disguises themselves by various means and manages to sneak in undetected. They visit the North Star Pub and haggle with the bartender to give them a safe place to stay. The bartender wishes to see the amulet that killed Cotton Goodbody, and wishes to destroy the amulet. The heroes convince him otherwise. Tezz negotiates the exchange of a single ruby for one week’s stay for the party. The bartender removes an in coitus couple from the master suite, and gives the party the room. He warns the heroes that anything they say in the room might possibly be overheard, and secrets travel fast in a brothel.
Upon investigation of their room, the heroes discover that there are three secret compartments in the room, as well as access to an attic area that connects all of the bedrooms. In the chamber beneath the floor, the heroes discover a shredded note in Dwarven, but are unable to interpret it more than “Silver Hand.”
Roscoe disguises himself as a noble cousin of Polo Osborne and goes to the bar to see if he can gain information on the bank tower. Wearing the sword of Polo Osborne seems to help a lot, and some local bank workers agree to give Roscoe a tour of the bank in a few hours.
Meanwhile, Tezz visits some magic shops to procure ingredients for future disguise attempts, only to run into Bartholomew, who is very upset that some of his orders are not there in time. It seems he needs materials to do some things with an egg. A few attempts are made to tail Bartholomew, but to no avail.
Roscoe visits the bank and successfully gains access to Polo Osborne’s account. He discovers that Polo Osborne’s security stone is actually embedded into his sword, and if he can endure the pain screaming in his ears, he can always access the account. He withdraws 5,000 gp for the party to use. But he discovers that access to the tower is guarded with much magical security, which would surely see through his disguise.
Gideon and Elena visit the Monastery to talk to the father of the late Fumbles and bear the bad news. Dribbles is devastated, but tells Gideon what he can about the Bank tower. Romirac Glitterbottom was a known philanderer, and at the time was guardian of the King’s Treasury, which is now the bank. The Tengu have guarded over that location since the founding of the city. One night, Romirac took a lover in the tower. There was a gigantic explosion and Romirac was very wounded. Shorty after, Romirac had an illegitimate child that seemed to be very mentally unstable, and never left the tower. Also shortly afterwards, the monarchy fell. Somehow, Romirac was not brought down with the fall of the monarchy, but the new mayor appointed him head of Ilhopa Bank, which he has served as ever since.
Lastly, Dribbles revealed that the magic that protects the tower is the magic that protects the city.
The heroes then resolved to find the other six amulets, so they might have power over the city.



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