Cry havok and let slip the...well, the demons

Our intrepid heroes emerge from their portal and find themselves face to face with Temnerel and a contingent of his elite guard. Roscoe told the demons to square off with them, not thinking of how this would block the view of the casters, and the battle ensued. The struggle was tense, and many of the party became gravely wounded, but slowly the guards began to fall to the demons spines. Gideon realized that if he could make his way into city hall he could restore the magic of the city and set things right. He dashed inside just as the mind controlled mob rounded the corner. Tezz was enchanted by the spell but Roscoe jams some earplugs in his ears to block the chant. The battle now hangs in the balance with the battered and bewitched party falling back towards city hall while Gideon rushes to restore himself to his rightful throne.



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