Chapter 10: Wherein Nothing is Exactly as it Seems

Regrouping in their room at the Morning Star Tavern, the party begins planning their infiltration into the bank tower. They reason that if they have more of the magic items that diffuse the power of the city then they will be able to beat the magical protection of the vault. Gideon, being the only member of the party not currently wanted for mass-murder, ventures into the bar to glean more information about the catacombs or whereabouts of the other items. He learns that Grok has purportedly been captured and set for execution at noon tomorrow. The bartender feels it is a trap. He also directs Gideons attention to another traveler seeking fortune. This is how he meets Ivan, a half-orc treasure hunter, who is also following rumor and intuition about the powerful magical items. They agree to share information with eachother, and Ivan is brought back to the suite.

When Gideon tells the group of what he learned, they agree that trap or not, they are not willing to let their former compatriot be killed for a crime he didnt commit. Also they dont want Temnerel and Bartholomew to see completion of their plans. They decide to forestall their bank heist plans in lue of performing a jail break. They decide that the most expedient way to get out of the city undetected is to go thru the magic jail and the starry holding cell of the city for those who attack protected races. They stand in a circle and punch to the right.

When they are teleported to the starry field, they see that things are different. The halfling face is no longer laughing, and in fact no longer has a face! He is marred by acid burns, and there is a portal underneath the constellation. The group discerns that the stars represent a map of the city with Ivans help, and take time to create a map of both the constellations and of the city itself. They also reason that, since stars to not usually connote to terrestrial locations, that there must be powerful planar magic involved. Not wanting to risk being transported to some unfamiliar place, they drop on the southern end of town as planned.

They go to the fishery with the hopes of finding transportation to the Arena where Grok is being held. When they reach the piers they see a shadowy group moving cargo out of a dingy. Tezz hails them and they run off. Some of the group gives chase, but the runners deploy a smoke bomb to cover their escape into the dwarven graveyard. Abandoning pursuit, the group looks to see what they were carrying. It is a merfolk, badly injured. They get him to the water and dress his wounds, and tho they dont speak the same language the convey their need to get to the Arena. The merman obliges, and leads them to a secret entrance in the back. They enter the sewers, getting the general layout of the arena, and decide to send Tezz, under cover of invisiblity, to scout the area. He gets the lay of the land, sniaking past 2 sleeping guards, and investigates the building. he finds on one side of the arena a guard station and empty holding cells for combatants. On the other side he hears the sounds of someone doing alchemical work. Not wanting to get too close before his spell wears off he returns to the group, who then decide to let Roscoe sneak up and get a better look. As he approaches the alchemy room he puts on his glasses of sense motive. He sees a woman whose alignment is chaotic/evil. She instantly notices him and regards him with a smile.

“Welcome, son!’

She tells Roscoe, among other things, that she is a being of the Plane of Fire. She also tells him that he is the first of her progeny with beings of this plane, and that she plans on invading this plane and conquer it in retaliation against the seven sorcerers for using the power of their plane to fuel their magic. She tells him that McDonnel is in fact the daughter of Logi that Roscoe is seeking, and tries to persuade Roscoe to join her. Unable to overcome his resentment towards her for abandoning him, and feeling stronger connections to the memory of his father and the lands that have supported him, Roscoe tells her to sit on it and spin. She warns him that opposing her with incur her wrath, but agrees not to impede him now. She tells Roscoe that Grok is being held at the top of the tower in the arena. Roscoe bids her adieu, and returns to the group.

The group reacts strongly to the fact that Roscoe has turned into a Tiefling. He reassures the group that his intentions have not changed, tho he now has huge horns and glowing red eyes. They emerge from the sewer and promptly woke up the sleeping guards and began combat. They seal off some of the chambers to stem the tide of guards, and Tezz roasts a group carrying boiling oil, meant to be the end of the party. They find themselves in the heat of battle…



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