Bartholomew Chronicles Ch. 2

The Bartholomew Chronicles Ch. 2
Bartholomew wanders for about 5 years without an events until he finds himself nearby a cave when his stone starts to glow and heat up again. Being the first time this has happened since his village was burnt he investigates down the cave and gets lost in a dwarven mine. He is found by a rude dwarf that tells him that he is trespassing and is under arrest and most follow him to the elder of the camp. Upon arriving there is a small argument in dwarven and then Bartholomew is told that for his freedom he must help the dwarf locate a lost miner. Shortly after entering the cave they find a blood trail and start to follow. It brings them to a chasm where the dwarf tells Bartholomew that he must go down into the chasm to make sure the lost miner isn’t down there dying. After a small discourse Bartholomew agrees but as soon as he grabs the rope he slips and let goes. Just before he hits the ground a new Portal open bring him safely in and the newly open portal shakes the mine and causes the dwarf to fall in.
The find themselves in a new cave filled with a few dozen bones of dwarves and there are crystals growing every, even inside the bones. Just as they get their bearings they are confronted by some creature that seems to be covered in crystals but capable of moving. The soon make quick work of the creature with the use of the stone, which caused the crystals to melt away, and the miner’s pickaxe. The further explore the cave till they reach the opening around dusk. The adventures decide that they should camp the night in the cave and search for a way out in the morning. Through the night they are accosted by to large cave scorpions. The two fights took a lot out of Bartholomew and they decide to spend the next day in the cave as well. Near the end of the dwarf’s watch he starts to notice that there is silver in this mine as well as the one they came from but the silver here isn’t forming correctly it seems like it is randomly thrown into the walls almost. He finds what he believes to be the center of this and mines all around the crucial strike zone. As he is explaining how important the next strike is to Bartholomew, Bartholomew cast’s true strike and hit’s the rock which causes a spray of silver covering the heroes as well as coating all their gear. A portal then erupts and the heroes climb through and find themselves in a mining cart full of liquid silver that is now start to harden. The heroes strip themselves and start to wipe off all the silver coating them, but the dwarf was not able to clear his beard.
As they push the cart full of silver back to camp to inform the other miner’s of what has transpire. They find the camp to have been ran sacked and attack but the some sort of beast. The dwarf dispatches a falcon to the castle informing them to send help and a transport for the silver.



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