Bartholomew Chronicles Ch. 1

Bartholomew's Origin Story

The Bartholomew Chronicles
Bartholomew played by Adam
Katal played by David

Bartholomew’s family was a family of wanderers, traveling from place to place. Eventually, Bartholomew’s parents decided to join up with a tribe in the mountains. Only about 10 year’s old, Batholomew and his friend Katal are currently going through their rite of passage, hunting the local game. At first the lands seem to be unforgiving towards our heroes, but soon Bartholomew finds tracks of a hedgehog that lead towards a grove. As they enter grove they are struck with wonder on how such a lush oasis is found in their harsh mountain terrain. They decide to wait in cover to see what game may come to this grove. It does not take long before a couple of doe and a young buck enter. Katal makes use of his advantage in the tree to loose his sling at the buck, while Bartholomew jumps out of the tree and lands on the creatures back. He is immediately thrown off but lands perfectly on his feet and slashes the beast with his hunting knife, but the blade falls short. Katal lets loose another stone this time shattering the bucks skull. As they prep the buck to carry back towards town Katal bloods himself and lets out his warrior chant, while Bartholomew notice a strange green rock and decides that he will take it as his trophy.
As they enter their village they are greeted with cheers and the leaders order a feast in their honor (Deer is rare for the village). Later that night Bartholomew awakes from haunting dreams of the grove and he wakes Katal to sneak back to the grove. As the start to get closer to the grove Bartholomew starts to notice that his rock is getting hotter and hotter. They reemerge into what appears to be the same grove but now everything is alight with a bioluminescent glow. As they both marvel at the changes the notice that there is now a pond where there was none before. They go to test the water and as the liquid flows down their throats the world around them seems to morph (like a Dali painting) and then snap right back into its original self. Bartholomew can’t seem to get enough of this effect and keeps drinking, while Katal notices that Bartholomew’s body is starting to go transparent, but as soon as Bartholomew stop drinking his body goes right back be completely opaque. This is when they notice that the pond seems to be bubbling and they decide to investigate by diving into the water. Katal dives all the way to the bottom and notices that there seems to be crack in the rocks down here about the size of Bartholomew’s rock that Bartholomew has decided that he should swim with. Bartholomew’s poor choose in holding the rock and swimming makes him unable to get anywhere near the bottom of the pond before he runs out of breath. After everything Katal has seen he convince Bartholomew that they must return to the village and alert the Elder’s of there strange findings. The sneak back into town and await dawn.
As they make their way to the elder’s tent Bartholomew’s elder brother stops them and tells them that killing the beast is only the first step and that to become men they must learn how to skin the beast. He will not take no for an answer and it takes the better part of the day to tan the leather but they have now mastered the craft of tanning.
Seeing as the elders have left for the day the boys decide to sneak back out later that night as well to bring back an even better hunt. Bartholomew ignores Katal’s warning and sneaks into the Elders’ hut and steals a hunting short sword and javelin to use. The quickly find the grove as the stone begins to heat up again. As the get back into position they are soon greeted with two feral pigs. The both jump down to start the attack and while Bartholomew’s javelin Katal makes quick work of them with his short sword. The hunters are very displeased that they have been bested by teenagers and after the theft of weapons the boys are brought to the elder. After explaining all that has happened and excluding the stone from the stories they are forbidden from entering the grove till the hunter’s have had time to examine it.
That night the hunting party comes back without finding the grove and accuse the boys of making up stories. At which both them retort that either the grove does exist or that they are much better than the hunters of the village and that they are free to believe which ever they wish. They are then told that to prove themselves as telling the truth they must return back to this “grove” and catch something even bigger than they have brought back or to not to come back at all. They are armed with short bows and other weapons and as they head out Bartholomew’s elder brother brings 4 master craft arrows to help the boys on the task. The return to the grove with what they know to believe the help of the stone and await in their spot. As they await they notice the pond is starting to bubble even more than usual, and after another minute they can see a creature starting to fade into existence that they never seen before. They start to attack it with their bows and as it gets nearer Katal draws his sword and kills the beast by himself. He lets out his war chant and bloods himself, at this point Bartholomew says that Katal never give him a chance to kill an beast and to not attack the next one so he can kill it himself. Katal starts to pack up this strange creature (kangroo) while a ram comes into form on the pond. As it comes to completion it charges at Katal who nearly misses and climbs a tree so Bartholomew can attempt to kill the beast. After three arrows Bartholomew is able to slay the beast as it tries to ram and shake Bartholomew out of his tree. As Katal is about ready to leave Bartholomew decides that he must see what is at the bottom of this bond so he ties his rope around a boulder and pushes said boulder into the pond whilst still holding the other end. This causes a huge gush of water and when the boulder hits the bottom it cracks the hole even further causing a whirlpool effect. Katal quickly ties a rope to the end of a tree and throws the other end in to his friend. Bartholomew is unable to hold onto it and gets sucked through. Katal then ties of the rope and dives into the pond to try to pull his friend out.
He finds himself landing on hot desert with his rope snapping a foot off from his ankle and a portal shutting from the world they were in. As they take a minute to gather themselves they notice that they are in a harsh desert where the sky seems to be on fire and the ground seems to flow almost like lava, and the only thing they can see in any direction is a tower. Bartholomew in rage of the curse the stone has put on him breaks it open to reveal a smaller blue stone that is cool to the touch. They begain their trek towards the tower when the notice out of the top flames seem to be shooting out like comits that land nearby. The heroes go towards the landing zone and notice that it is a bunch of young boys who are all burnt to a crisp. There is only one that is alive enough to tell them that they were taken by the mayor’s wife. The mayor’s wife of Monhuch arghhhh……. The hero’s not wishing to continue on, but force to due to lack of water keep heading toward the tower. As the get near the bridge they notice two guards whom seem to be on fire and okay with that fact. The guards start to appoarch and our heroes are so scared that they are pinned to the very spot. The guards reach out their hands to touch them which sends Bartholomew into flames which then seem to be sucked away into the blue stone. This act of agression snaps the hero’s out of their daze and Bartholomew tries to touch one of the creatures with the stone. As it touches the creature the flame is completely dissipated and the creature lets of an awful how. The still lit creature hits the creature and reignites its. Katal seeing these creatures are just flesh under then flame draws his sword and makes quick work of them and only sustains minimal damage while Bartholomew tries to hit them with the stone again. After the death of these guards Bartholomew makes quick work of chopping the bodies up to make pelts with at a later time.
They get into the chamber of the tower where there are two staircases leading up and at the center is a open book on a pedestal. Katal checks the area for any approaching guards. Bartholomew goes towards the book and as he touches it a rush of energy surges around him letting out a ravging sound alerting all the guards. As the clanking continues down the corridors, a portal rips open and Bartholomew stands gapping awkwardly at it. Katal picks him up and tosses him through the portal. He then goes to follow. As Katal reaches the portal he is pulled back by a she bitch on fire and the portal closes over the grove leaving Bartholomew by himself once more.
As he regains his bearings he notices that the pond is no longer bubbling as well as the recently killed game is nowhere in sight. He racks his brain for a few hours trying to come up with a way to save his friend that gave his life to save him. He stayed the night there in desperate hope that his faithful friend would find a way to reopen the portal. In the morning Bartholomew heads back to his viliiage only to discover soot flying through the air. He breaks into a run, but arrives to late everyone lay murdered and charred. His home and the homes of all the other villagers are spewed with singe marks and the smell of burnt flesh. As he looks around at the bodies he notices that his brother is unaccounted for as well as a single set of footprints leading off into the distance. He buries his friends bodies and takes some equipment that survived the fire and heads off into the footprints he hopes leads him towards his brother.



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